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UTS Company Brochure



UTS, a leading global service provider in quality assurance, is accredited by CNAS against ISO/IEC 17020 for inspection ,has been delivering comprehensive quality solutions services since 2006.

The quality performance of a good factory varies by production lines due to multiple factors such as, people, equipment, materials, methods, production environment and a plethora of other factories.

By performing inspections, companies are able to identify problems early with the goal of eliminating the causes. Utilized correctly, inspections save money by eliminating process problems and ensuring that the end product meets customers’ requirements and expectations.

UTS will help you to reduce risks, improve efficiency, protect your company’s reputation. Your products always stay on the top of the quality and it helps you to achieve a competitive edge in the global markets. UTS offers one stop services detailed above as well as the possibility to schedule service requests and access our reports through our professional engineers.