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This is SOALGU

In its pivotal position as an inspection and certification service provider, SOALGU can offer a wide range of services via its state-of-the-art platform, for instance

  • requesting and comparing quotes
  • coordinating sample shipments
  • reviewing, producing and revising documents
  • a comprehensive document management service

SOALGU relieves your company of the many tasks usually associated with purchasing and quality assurance so you can concentrate fully on your essential day-to-day business. It makes no difference if you choose to work with SOALGU as a client, like a retail company or manufacturer, or as a partner, for example, inspection facilities, mail-order companies or service providers, because with SOALGU, everyone involved stands to benefit.

What sets us apart

The SOALGU platform streamlines and optimises the day-to-day business of everyone involved in managing a product’s journey. From product concept to point of sale, there are many stages that need to be considered and managed efficiently in order to meet the quality and price requirements dictated by the market.

Well-known partners, a smart platform, long-standing experience and a strong team are just some of the key ingredients for SOALGU’s unique recipe, which you, too, will get a taste for right from the start of the trial phase.

Say goodbye to time-consuming and labour-intensive tasks like searching for a suitable inspection facility and get started today.

SOALGU is on the ball

No time or capacity to deal with coordinating sample shipments?
Your product still needs operating instructions, a material safety data sheet or the packaging has to be checked to make sure it meets standard requirements?

The SOALGU platform also specialises in such requests. Simply log on to your account and send us a direct request for the service you need. gewünschten Dienstleistung. 

Make the most of the SOALGU platform and its entire range of services to save valuable time and money.

  • Are you looking for a suitable test house or special service provider?
  • Do you need a test plan or would you like to know whether your product meets the current normative requirements?
  • You would like to obtain offers, compare and order tests?

Our platform is designed to cater to what you need and guides you intuitively to the answer you are looking for without further ado.

SOALGU saves you time and money

SOALGU as a centralised interface

No more getting bogged down in the details

With its fast and intuitive document management system, the SOALGU platform offers you the possibility to manage all your documents, from inquiries to inspection plans and offers to inspection reports and invoices, and to retrieve them at any time.

You have got a question?

We got the answer!

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